Anne et Valentin / Arty / Tortoise

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So it began with the concept ALPHA. Glasses made to turn heads, set apart by those famous veneers that we’ve lovingly developed towards cult status, that boldly blend two colors on the very same frame. Dynamic forms, delicate lines and cat eyes.

This line represents the essence of Anne & Valentin, essential frames and strong identities for the discreet yet joyous types.

Arty is a unisex, round, Japan­ese-minded frame with a sense of purity that knows no com­pro­mise. Inspired by Harold Lloyd, whose elegance en­chanted Hol­ly­wood in the 1920s and ‘30s, and by the modern spirit of the Bauhaus, this nonethe­less very-fem­i­nine frame suits active, engaged and avant-garde types.

FEATURES: tortoise frame

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