Anne et Valentin / On the Road / Tortoise

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ON THE ROCK, as though wrought from stone itself, explores the work of the human hand upon the machine. They are the ultimate works in progress.

Through substitution and subversion – read completely bypassing certain phases of construction, the designers managed to divert the initial purpose of the machine to discover unfamiliar surfaces and a raw, even primitive aesthetic, that of the definitive prototype. Ultra-tailored, sophisticated, sculpted, the ON THE ROCK glasses offer radical volumes with frank, exposed edges.
On the road is a retro-vin­tage model born from the fas­ci­na­tion for the Beat Gen­er­a­tion writers and summer dreams: books devoured in one sitting, the cool of a fishing hut, the un­will­ing return to civ­i­liza­tion.

The studied lines and balanced struc­ture offer timeless elegance.

FEATURES: tortoise acetate frame

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