Dita / Talon Two / Yellow Gold

€ 475.00
Brand: Dita

The Talon-Two is an all-titanium hybrid aviator with the signature Dita Talon. 
The unique lens shape was inspired by round character frames from the turn of the century combined with a 60’s aviator, while the Talon lens suspension elements are a nod to the mechanical Art Deco production design prevalent in German Expressionist film from the 1930’s.
The all titanium frame uses Dita’s signature Talon mount design to visually support a ‘floating’ lens concept and accommodate for the thinner frame shape. The titanium structure of the Talon-Two has thin extruded sections that act as an overall exoskeleton for the lenses.
Special attention has been given to ensure the tolerances of the lenses and frames match precisely, minimizing the amount of mechanical tension between the two materials of lens and Talon mount. Custom-made metal dies fitted into specialized heat presses are used to create the frame shape. By shrinking down the lens and softening the aviator form, a new elegant yet mechanized character shines through.

FEATURES: yellow gold frame, gold flash lenses 
DELIVERY: Italy: 2 days Europe: 3/5 days

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