FakbyFak / Circumstellar / 05/01/01

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Circumstellar disc is a place around a young star that gives birth to planets.
Precisely this concept is the cornerstone of the CIRCUMSTELLAR limited-edition sunglasses collection. The image of the circular accumulation of matter in the orbits of young stars consisting of gas, dust and asteroids has realized itself in the hypertrophic lenses eager to close the circle.
Within this collection FakbyFak ironically fantasize around the theme of new era space tourism.
The collection comprises of 2 models and is available in 5 colour combinations.
The glasses are finished with the signature FAKBYFAK logo on the back side of the right temple.
Each piece has it’s own individual number engraved on the back side of the left temple.

FEATURES: solid black frame, violet blue mirrored lenses

DELIVERY: Italy: 1 day; Europe: 2 days; World: 3/5 days