FakbyFak x Manish Arora / 07/01/03

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New era of Fashion eyewear has begun!
Rebels collaboration FAKBYFAK x MANISH ARORA.
Images of past and future, horrifying dreams and sweet illusions,human beings and mystical creatures are mixed in incomprehensible, paradoxical and stunning sunglasses collection that awaken imagination and setting  the new directions.
The collection includes 2 styles, each in several color combinations.
Inspiration came from the mood and themes of Manish Arora's FW'16 clothing collection "Hell's Belle", in which it became the key accessory.
The frame's models are a reworked take on the form of classic aviator glasses. The teardrop lens design has not changes significantly over the years, however, with mathematical precision, the familiar form wa redesigned, adding rotating lenses, resulting in an accidental provocative flavour.

FEATURES: golden metal frame, gradient black lenses

DELIVERY: Italy: 1 day; Europe: 2 days; World: 3/5 days