Masahiro Maruyama / 0023 / No.5 Black + White

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Small imperfections.
The work of Japanese eyewear designer Masahiro Maruyama is a reminder that we should embrace all those small details that make objects unique, as you can see in Masahiro's new collection Straight.
A hand-drawn straight line first forms a rough round shape, which then becomes a curved line.
With the simpleness of straight lines serving as a guideline in the process of creation, the elimination of the excess results in minimal design. Introducing fresh impression to eyeglasses, this multifaceted collection bearing a variety of possible interpretations can be accredited as an art of incompleteness.
Each frame is individually shaped by a skilled craftsman by filing the entire surface. This makes it possible to create a well-balanced combination of rim, thickness of temple, and shape of nose pad which fit on the face very well.
The following polishing process enables us to come up with a smooth fit and beautiful luster.

FEATURES: black and white frame

DELIVERY: Italy: 1 day; Europe: 2 days; World: 3/5 days