Spectaculars / Bradford / Tortoise

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In the 1950s, America was a fast ever changing nation whose population was growing as never before. It was a nation where the popular culture of music and television was both reflecting on and influencing its lifestyle. The young Americans wanted to enjoy the good life of this creative independent thinking culture. The Bradford was introduced in this same spirit. Built with the pin riveted hinge in a creatively sleek, youthful image, it was designed with a universal fit for all to live in comfort and style while traveling on this fast freeway of life.


  • original archive from US
  • havana vintage acetate frame
  • genuine pin rivet hinge with five point star rivets
  • handcrafted in US
MEASUREMENTS: lens diameter: 48mm; bridge width: 18mm; temples length: 140mm
DELIVERY: Italy: 1 day; Europe: 2 days; World: 3/5 days