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Gouverneur Audigier

The Living Heritage Company.
Gouverneur Audigier was founded in 1878 by Clément Gouverneur in Morez, nestled in the heart of the Jura valley, which is renowned as the birthplace of French eyewear. For over 150 years, a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen has been crafting animitable frames, upholding age-old manufacturing traditions, and carrying forward the founder's unwavering passion.


Incorporating Sci-Fi elements into its avant-garde design, Parasite is a premium eyewear brand that skillfully achieves a futuristic harmony between sport and fashion.

Cutler and Gross

In 1969, two opticians, Mr. Cutler and Mr. Gross, came together to create a brand rooted in their close friendship.
Inspired by Cutler and Gross' design legacy, the iconic and one-of-a-kind eyewear from 50 years ago is consistently reimagined to suit the faces and lifestyles of a modern-day audience.


Old World Technique, New World Expression.
In a world that emphasizes immediacy, Matsuda choose to anchor themselves in traditions of craftsmanship and thoughtful execution. The distinctly Japanese approach of combining handcrafted techniques and innovative technology guides their philosophy of experimentation and is unmistakably Matsuda.


Play Plastic Toys.
Hailing from Tokyo, Akira Ishiwatari is the driving force behind Platoy. The brand's name encapsulates the idea of "playing with plastic toys" in a single word, drawing inspiration from the infectious enthusiasm of children when they receive a new toy.

"Crown Panto 8mm" model, from the UPCYCLING Collection, manufactured and assembled in the Lesca workshop using vintage acetate materials.

Lesca lunetier

In 1964, Joël LESCA created his first collection in a small workshop located in the Secrétan district of the 19th arrondissement in Paris.
Today, Mathieu and Bertrand Lesca endeavor to rekindle the earlier Lesca collections by preserving their DNA.

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster embodies designs that seek to strike a balance between delicacy and wearability (GENTLE) while embracing a bold, individualistic spirit (MONSTER).

Factory 900

Based in the Sabae /Fukui area of Japan, FACTORY 900 is a renowned eyewear brand that manufactures all its products in its own factory, a legacy dating back to 1937. Their cutting-edge technology breathes life into avant-garde designs.

The Karma glasses embraces a forward-looking perspective on luxury and jewelry. Imagined as face ornaments, Karma frames’ structure dress and highlight the look of their «wearers».

Mr. Leight

Designed in California, with love. Made in Japan, with care. 
An Eyewear Legacy. A collaboration between father and son, Larry and Garrett Leight, to deliver superlative contemporary eyewear. 

Marine Serre

Marine Serre and Vuarnet come together to create a progressive eyewear collection ecologically responsible and rooted in the past. Marine Serre's Visionizer made by Vuarnet is a modern fine collection, characterized by the unique savoir-faire of the handmade heritage and methods.

Rewind Eyewear

Rewind captures the essence of rewinding the tape of one's own existence, journeying back to the past, finding inspiration in it, and evoking a feeling that goes beyond simple nostalgia.

Carla Colour

An entirely independent eyewear brand based in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.
Carla Robertson, a self-taught designer, struggled to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, so, following the classic designer's narrative, she decided to create them herself.

Jacques Marie Mage

Jerome Jacques Marie Mage established J.M.M. in 2014, a Los Angeles company that specializes in crafting limited-edition designer goods. Their niche is the meticulous production of top-tier eyewear, tailored to an audience with refined preferences.

The Attico

The Milan based brand introduced its inaugural eyewear collection in 2016, inspired by a powerful woman who skillfully combines seduction and refinement, and has an ardent love for glamour and sparkle.

Jean Paul Gautier

Reviving the '90s Icon: Jean Paul Gaultier's historic eyewear collection reimagined from the archives. 
Since 1976, Jean Paul Gaultier has been a fashion and emotion creator, envisioning an inclusive world for all.Constantly stirring the pot, Jean Paul Gaultier embraces the art of mixing and shaking things up, as evidenced by the revival of the iconic sunglasses collection from the 1990s archives: authentic replicas of JPG's iconic sunglasses, bringing back a distinctive aesthetic from over 30 years.

Florentina Leitner

Drawing inspiration from classic films, Florentina's art possesses a nostalgic, slightly unsettling charm that captivates with its blend of the familiar and the mesmerizing. Her designs are both daring and narrative-driven, with a central emphasis on producing sustainable and environmentally-friendly goods.

Celeste Mogador

"My embroideries are a return to the roots of the tradition, but in a rock’n’roll way” (Pascal Nivet Bernetiere, creative director of Céleste Mogador)
Created in 2016, CÉLESTE MOGADOR is a French brand of hand-embroidered jewellery and fashion accessories with a colourful, unique and captivating universe filled with oneiric symbols.


J.F. REY is an independent designer of high-end optical and sunglass frames. Founded in France by Jean-François Rey in the 90s, the brand cultivates a distinctive style and explores aesthetic universes beyond the standard. 

Masahiro Maruyama

While classical frame designs are symmetrical and “beautifully completed”, Japanese designer Masahiro Maruyama’s distinctive asymmetric frames are “unfinished”, creating evocative, eccentric designs, like no others. 
“Today I’m passionate about creating eyewear with a unique, human touch. Mass produced glasses are designed for a certain high demand, and the designs tend to be a cliché. For my own brand, I wanted to focus on developing something different” (Masahiro Maruyama, designer).


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