"My embroideries are a return to the roots of the tradition, but in a rock’n’roll way” 
(Pascal Nivet Bernetiere, creative director of Céleste Mogador)
Created in 2016, CÉLESTE MOGADOR is a French brand of hand-embroidered jewellery and fashion accessories with a colourful, unique and captivating universe filled with oneiric symbols.
Pascale Nivet Bernetiere, the artistic director of the brand, hand-embroiders the unique jewelry pieces.
She learned to embroider by her own, empirically. “It is all about perseverance and learning” - she says - “we weren’t born embroiderer nor artist, you need to work. Everything begins with desire. When you want something, you succeed. The future is in manual and creative jobs. Machines will substitute humans but we’ll always need a creative and eccentric mind. I’m a compulsive creator, I became an artist because it’s self-evident and it saves me: embroidery is my manual anxiolytic”. 

Céleste Mogador’s creations are colorful, with fine hand-embroidered details. Jewelries are like lucky charm or talisman symbols: luck and love are constant themes. So is anatomy: mouth, hands, and the famous Celestial Eye.