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Zanzan is an independent UK label producing handmade Italian eyewear with a distinctive fashion sensibility.
Designed in London, Zanzan's creations are heavily inspired by sub cultures, niche musical genres and the natural world. The aim of the brand is to 'drag sunglasses out of the opticians and onto the catwalk', focusing on cool, experimental shapes, vibrant colors and creative prints with a totally fashion-forward feel.
Culture and history are true passions at Zanzan, and the collection is just a way of making sense of all that ‘lost’ time in cinemas and art galleries, and all those Sunday afternoons watching 70s films, loving the clothes and hair-styles.
“We discovered the word Zanzan in ‘The Way We Wore’ by Robert Elms—his personal account of the life of a style-obsessed kid throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s in London. It’s a Maltese word used by gangsters in 60s London’s Soho to describe the feeling of wearing something great for the first time, like a new suit; a rush of style. Actually, I was talking to a young Moroccan boy on a beach in Essaouira recently and he told me that Zanzan means ‘crazy girl’ in Arabic” (Megan Trimble, Zanzan co-founder).

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